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Rustyco Portuguese Water Dogs

On Tuesday, May 17, 2005, our Portuguese water dog, Ch. Piedela Ruby Jubilee da Joai (whom we fondly call "Ruby"), whelped a new litter of puppies - 2 females and 5 males.  All seven (7) of these puppies have been sold already.
We also had another dog up for sale.   Rafaella at the time was a wavy, one-year old female Portuguese water dog.  She is extremely intense in her retrieving ability.  She needed a home that can focus on her and her training.  She is a great house dog but she needed to learn more manners, that is, no jumping up on things.  She weighs around fifty (50) pounds and is about twenty (20) inches tall.  She is great with kids and other dogs.  Below are some of her pictures.  Please click to see a larger image.

If you are interested to see if there are puppies or dogs still available for sale, please contact us at (209) 462-6262 or send us e-mail at 


RAFAELLA's side view

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