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Rustyco Portuguese Water Dogs

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About Us

Welcome to our web site!

We are Ty and Julie Rust from Stockton, CA. We have always loved dogs so after we bought our first house in 1995, we went to a local dog show to find out what breed of dog we would like to have. We saw a male wavy Portuguese water dog in a lion clip and absolutely fell in love with it. We were able to buy the most energetic puppy from that male. We chose a male because they are better companions and Julie wanted to do competition obedience. We named our first Portuguese water dog "Quarry". Quarry was a great dog and he did it all - obedience and water work. Julie was able to owner-handle him to his AKC championship.   Below is a picture of "Quarry".  Just click to view a larger image.

Ch. Alto Mare Quebra Mar Querido,CD,WWD
call name "Quarry"

In 2000, we bought our second Portuguese water dog, "Ruby", from a breeder in Washington State. Ruby just whelped on Tuesday, May 17,2005. There are 7 puppies - 2 females and 5 males - in the litter. This is Ruby's fourth litter, the third with the same stud dog, "Primo", whose owners are from Denver, CO. Primo throws nice mellow temperaments and beautiful white markings. He is also very sound and correct in movement for a water dog. He has a massive head which is what Ruby needed improvement on.

Aside from Quarry and Ruby, we have 3 other Portuguese water dogs. One of them is an 18-month old male which we named "Diamond". He was from one of Ruby's litters. Two are female puppies.

Below are our pictures with two of our Portuguese water dogs - Ruby and Diamond. You can click on either of them to enlarge.

Julie Rust handling Ruby at a dog show

Ty Rust handling Diamond in another dog show

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